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I was born in Strakonice and graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague. In my professional life I prepare cost estimates for construction projects. There is a good balance in every life, which is why I try to relax in my spare time by writing. Of course, I'm also a big reader myself and I love to be carried away by the narrative of diverse books. I am constantly learning new things. I believe that learning follows us throughout our lives.

Workshop about the Book

On Wednesday 10.4.2024 I visited the Písnická Primary School in Prague and explained the origin of my book Johnny and Jessie Forgotten Myth to the year five pupils. Thank you to the children and the headmistress for the great questions and pleasant atmosphere.


The book can be purchased in brick-and-mortar stores or ordered online; an e-book is also available for purchase online.


Johnny a Jessie | Albatrosmedia.cz

A video to inspire that a book cover can not only be painted, but can also be created by other means.

Audio Book

Audio of the first three chapters in English of the book Johnny and Jessie Forgotten Myth.

The book is currently only published in the Czech language. I am looking for an opportunity to expand the audience for my book and have it published in English. Please contact me below.

Audio - Prologue & Chapter 1 - part 1

Audio - Chapter 1 - part 2

Audio - Chapter 2 - part 1

Audio - Chapter 2 - part 2

Audio - Chapter 3 - part 1

Audio - Chapter 3 - part 2

Picture Book

Betty, the little mouse

Illustration: Michaela Beznoskova

Extract from the book:

Soon they reached a little pond, where they met a frog called Dave.

He didn‘t hesitate for long and joined his new friends in search for a new home.

The three of them were walking along and started to sing yet another catchy song.

We‘re three friends who only just met.

This new friendship will never end.”

The manuscript in English for the picture book about the adventures of a little mouse is completed. I am looking for an opportunity to get my book published. Please contact me below.

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