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Title: Johnny & Jessie Forgotten Myth

Number of pages: 208

Language of publication: Czech

Cover author: Jiří Dvorský

Book binding: hardcover/bound

ISBN: 978-80-7650-450-9

Price: 299 CZK

Twins Johnny and Jessie have a summer of fun and games in the north of England with their mysterious Uncle Philip. But he alienates everyone when he uncovers a shocking secret from the family's past. It seems every family has a skeleton in their closet. From then on, the stay turns into a thrilling search for the truth. The siblings turn their uncle's mansion upside down and discover that nothing is as it first seemed. In the process, they get involved in many adventures and contribute to the discovery of surprising secrets.

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First anniversary of the book's publication

The book celebrates its first anniversary of being published on 6.1.2023


The book can be purchased in brick-and-mortar stores or ordered online; an e-book is also available for purchase online.


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Thank you

My immense thanks go to the readers, family and friends who has helped me promote the book - whether it's by putting a good word out about the book, posting a flyer, sharing information on social media, or writing a review. Your help is invaluable, and I thank you for your support, which I greatly appreciate. In this way you are helping Czech authors to break through to a wider audience of new readers.